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How to download SPIRIT STONES and play it on your PC

Lately there have been a lot of Android games using cards – and even though Spirit Stones might seem one of those, it is still different. There are also cards here, but in order to make them work you have to solve a puzzle first! The game is a combination of RPG, card game and puzzle solving. Join the community of Spirit Stones fans from all around the world and play it online – now from your computer!


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Once you begin playing Spirit Stones, you will be given your first cards that you will use for your first ‘trial’ fight. The cards can vary in their functions, as well as in classes of characters they feature. There are four classes of characters in total: Warrior, Mage, Archer, and Thief – a pretty standard set for any fight. However, you may gather teams by your own taste, and only account for the effectiveness of your selected team and the combination of your fighters. Same as in most of similar games, you will be able to improve cards and blend the similar cards into one.

Now a little bit of information about the fights. They may be against real people, or against artificial intelligence. The nature of the fight is, in fact, a simple logical game where your moves affect the events on the battlefield. The four classes of fighters are marked by the coloured tiles that you need to connect into the chains minimum 3 tiles long. Depending on the colour of your chain, one of your fighters begins the attack. You will also encounter several types of bonuses: coloured balls that allow to connect different colours into chains, and thus several of your fighters can attack; bombs; magic potions for increasing your power; etc. And of course you need your good fortune: the result of the battle is basically all about luck.

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The game is very beautifully designed, combining the anime graphics with classical fantasy one. The multiple effects are drawn in a very nice and realistic way, however the battle scenes are not really impressive.

Spirit Stones is an Android Game, but now it may also be played on PC, if you follow these simple steps:

- Download BlueStacks (or, if you prefer, you may choose another free Android Emulator for PC). You may find informaton about BlueStacks and links to this application here;
- Open BlueStacks or your other chosen Android Emulator, type ‘Spirit Stones’ into the search window, select the link basing on your OS – and you may install Spirit Stones for PC and enjoy your gaming experience!