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Download Cut the Rope 2 and play it on your PC

Cut the Rope 2 is an exciting arcade game with realistic physics effects. This is a continuation of the famous Cut the Rope, but with new characters (five of them, each having their own features and talents!) and new locations. Cut the Rope 2 is an amazing game that will enchant anyone who likes colorful adventures, simple intuitive control, exciting gameplay, and top quality sound. Same as in Cut the Rope, the main character here is the funny green monster Om Nom: but now he is no more in a lab, he explores a whole new world where there are candies all around – in the fields, in the woods, on the banks of the rivers, and anywhere you may lay our eyes! Can you help Om Nom collect as much candy as possible?


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Your task in this game is to make sure that the candies go straight into Om Nom’s mouth – but unlike Cut the Rope, in Cut the Rope 2 you will have an opportunty to drag the little green monster towards candies, not only vice versa. Now the environment of the game is more interactve, and you may actually affect a lot of objects. You will also probably be happy to discover that there are quite a few of new characters in the game, each of them having their own abilities and powers: flying, jumping like a spring, throwing objects really high, etc. Can you figure out how to use these abilities to the benefit of our little candy lover?

Compared to Cut the Rope, Om Nom in the second part of the game is more lively and interactive: he now follows each of your movements, he swings from side to side if you poke him, he is happy if you give him presents, etc. You will also notice that the puzzles became more complicated – you will most probably need significantly more time to pass each new level than with the first part of the game!

The game is really nice, cute and funny. If used for kids, it develops logical thinking, the speed of reaction, so this can be a good choice if you are looking for a game that your child can both enjoy and benefit from. The game has no cruelty or violence – and it also has bonuses of various kinds that you can spend to the benefit of Om Nom!

Also there are small videoclips with funny stories about Om Nom’s adventures. There is a store with a lot of stuff that can come handy while playing Cut the Rope 2. The map of the game is colorful and resembles a table game.

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The game is really cool, and one of the best things about it is that it is free! You will not regret if you download Cut the Rope 2 for PC. For doing it, please follow these steps:

- Download BlueStacks application from the official website (a stable internet connection is required for the installation process to complete)  or,  alternatively,  get  BlueStacks  by following this link. – here you will get the setup file that will not require connection to the Internet for further installation. This programme will enable you to run a lot of exciting Android apps on your computer!
- Start BlueStacks and throw ‘Cut the Rope 2′ into the ‘Search’ window
- Click ‘Install’, wait for the installation process to complete – and enjoy your exciting journey through new diverse locations – and pass 120 levels of this exciting game crossing the rivers, exploring new cities, traveling through the forests, making your way through the car dump, and enjoy the company of your friends who will help you get your favourite sweets. Cut the ropes with objects and fairy-tale characters hanging from them, reach your destinations, and enjoy the wonderful graphics and easy control of this game!