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Game of War: Fire Age. Download FREE for your PC!

Game of War: Fire Age is a cool combination of an iOS and RPG game. If you like strategy games and own an iPhone (or iPad) – this game is definitely for you! Good news for you if you do not possess any of the Apple devices, yet still want to play Game of War: here you will learn how to download the game for PC, install it for free, and enjoy building your own empire.


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Game of War: Fire Age boasts having quite a huge gamers community, and the gameplay is based upon close interaction with fellow gamers all over the world. Dive into the world with no borders, including language ones (since the developers have included into the game a unique automatic translator that helps you understand other players – no matter of what background).

Create and develop your own powerful and unsurpassed army that will be able to attack the opponents and protect your empire from attacks on the part of other gamers. Also, you can build alliances, conclude agreements with other gamers, exchange resources, create your own weapons, observe battles in real time mode, explore new opportunities – and make your empire prosperous!

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Game of War: Fire Age has excellent graphics and captivating gameplay, so you are likely to spend a lot of your time playing this game.


Game of War: Fire Age is a real time war and economic strategy game. Create your own army and build cities, protect your empire and attack enemies, form alliances with other gamers – and use all your available resources so that to win!


Army is, basically, the essence of the game. Building the army, teaching it and making it strong is the main purpose! Army is used for attacking enemies and protecting your own city and resources.


You will need the game’s resources for building and upgrading your town/city and maintaining the army (weapons, food for soldiers, and other things). You may get resources from the game’s structures, or acquire them as bonuses for certain achievements! Make sure you have a well-protected storehouse, or several of them, so that to ensure your resources are safe.


The main currency of the game is gold that may be used for buying goods and resources. You may earn gold in the game, and there is also the option of buying it with real money.


You may build them both within the boundaries of your city and outside. Each building helps your empire develop and gives you certain advantages. Some of the purposes of the buildings are, for instance, producing resources, developing weapons, teaching and curing soldiers, etc. Build new buildings and modernise the already existing ones for achieving success in Game of War: Fire Age!


There are various types of quests that you will be required to perform during the game: initially, you will be given the tasks that will teach you the basics of the game and provide you with sufficient resources for continuing to play, and after you will get daily tasks and alliance tasks that will help you receive more resources, get more experience, and so forth.


Form alliances with other gamers so that to make your attacks more efficient, and protecting your own lands more secure. Help your allies with various tasks and receive resources. In order to coordinate your actions, you may use chat option that is built into the game!

Now you may also download Game of War: Fire Age for PC and enjoy playing it on your computer. Here are simple steps, following which you are sure to install the game with ease and for free. First, choose the Android Emulator program that you want to use – there are quite a frew of them, and you may find an overview of some of the most popular Android Emulators here – and we pesonally recommend BlueStacks that is easy to use, free and effective. So, let us assume that you are using BlueStacks (but pretty much the same steps will apply if you choose any other similar program), and here is what you need to do:

- Download BlueStacks application from the official website (a stable internet connection is required for the installation process to complete)  or,  alternatively,  get  BlueStacks  by following this link. – here you will get the setup file that will not require connection to the Internet for further installation. This program will enable you to run a lot of exciting Android apps on your computer!
- Start BlueStacks and type ‘Jetpack Joyride’ in the ‘Search’ window
- Click ‘Install’, wait for the installation process to complete, and… that is it! You now have Game of War: Fire Age installed on your PC, and you may enjoy playing.