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Bartender Mix Genius for PC: Free and Easy Download

Bartender games are becoming increasingly popular among the gamers, and today we will look at one of the best, in our opinion, game of this sort - Bartender Mix Genius for PC. Here you can step into the shoes of Miguel, the bartender, and mix your own cocktails from various ingredents: about 20 alcoholic drinks, ice cubes and lemons. Pour, shake, add lemon and ice – and serve your drinks! Let us hope your guests like your cocktails.


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For each new cocktail that turns out to be good you will get points. However,if something goes wrong, you may end up blowing up the bar, breathing fire, poisoning your guests, or fainting on the floor. Learn from experience, enjoy the game’s wonderful and funny graphics (especally the bartender’s facial expressions), and have fun mixing drinks!

The gameplay is very simple: tap on the bottle to choose the drink, and use the three controls at the bottom of the screen to pour liquors, shake, and serve your cocktails!

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At the beginning of the game, you will have a minumum set of drinks, and with the time, as your cocktails become better and tastier, your bonuses and points will increase, and you will get access to more elite and rare spirits.

The graphics of the game is quite simple, yet it is a great pleasure to observe the mimics of the bartender when the cocktail is nice or, vice versa, disgusting. So the game is really cool! Bartender Mix Genius is likely to become one of your favourites if you like cocktails, and the best thing about it is that it is free and can be easily downloaded and played without any investments necessary.

Download Bartender Mix Genius for PC and enjoy mixing drinks!

In order to be able to download Bartender Mix Genius for PC and play it with ease, please follow these steps:

- Download free Android Emulator for using Android apps on PC (we recommend BlueStacks)
- Download Bartender Mix Genius for PC (open free Android Emulator, search for the game’s name, and select the type of the game you want to download among the found links)
- Install Bartender Mix Genius for PC on your computer and have fun!