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Download Badland for PC: Free Installation Guide

Badland is an excellent game where your main purpose is – as you would probably guess from the game’s name – to survive in the world full of dangers! Badland is a combination of endless runner, puzzle, platformer, and this mixture makes it really fascinating, unpredictable and cool. The ideas, tasks and stunts from different genres coexist in this game in harmony, creating a totally new experience! The game was initially created for iOS, but now it has become possible to download Badland for PC and enjoy it on your computer.


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But first let us talk a bit about the game itself. Apart from the gameplay combining the features of various genres, the graphics of Badland is one of its most prominent features, as it is exceptionally beautiful… and dangerous, with bronze and golden forests and twisted mechanisms, with traps and obstacles that you need to overcome. The screen in Badland is constantly moving as you fly around, and that makes the game more challenging. Keep flying and do not fall on the ground – otherwise the chainsaws, traps and mines can kill you instantly. Besides, there are a lot of puzzles that you will need to solve in order to proceed to the next level.

There  are a lot of levels in Badland. But – there are no hints! So you will have to guess and try by yourself what will happen if you touch an orange sphere that you will see in the bushes. Sometimes you might feel like Alice in Wonderland – as you will be changing size, shape, qualities, and even ablities (you might become sticky, start moving backwards, and even slow down the time!) Sometimes the sphere can turn you into a multitude of small copies of yourself – clones. They are very useful for the situations that are particularly dangerous for life! And of course dealing with your character’s changing qualities and features is even more challenging: you constantly have to adjust to the changes from, say, being as light as a feather to as heavy as a truck!

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You are certainly going to love this game, and now it has become easy to download Badland for PC. Here is our free download guide:

- Download BlueStacks application from the official website (a stable internet connection is required for the installation process to complete)  or,  alternatively,  get  BlueStacks  by following this link. – here you will get the setup file that will not require connection to the Internet for further installation. This program will enable you to run a lot of exciting Android apps on your computer!
- Start BlueStacks and type ‘Badland’ in the ‘Search’ window
- Click ‘Install’, wait for the installation process to complete – and enjoy the interesting and fun gameplay, bonuses, great soundtrack, and excellent graphics of the dangerous world of Badland for PC.