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How to Download Angry Birds: Star Wars for PC

Angry Birds is the game that everyone has heard of, and most of the gamers surely played it at least once. This logical game with elementary mechanics, cute characters and capturing gameplay is so popular that its developers decided to continue pleasing the multi-million army of Angry Birds’ admirers and relesed Andry Bird: Star Wars. In the previous part of the game – Angry Birds Space – the birds went to explore the outer space, and the new game Angry Birds: Star Wars features the birds as the jedi, and pigs, of course, are the adherents of the dark side! The red birds have light swords, the black birds mastered telekinesis, and the yellow birds are equipped with blasters. Here you will meet your favourite characters: Luck Skywalker, Princess Leia, Obi-Wan ‘Ben’ Kenobi, Jabba the Hut, see the Death Star, Tatooine, and many other places. Will you be able to defeat the evil pigs and their leader – Darth Vader?


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The gameplay of Angry Birds: Star Wars comprises the best features from the previous episodes of the game series. The birds will encounter the vicious green pigs on the surface of the planets and in the open space. The levels are really cool, and very often you can recognize the famous Star Wars locations. The graphics of the game is, as always, beautiful and detailed, and the missions are really challenging and interesting. The sounds and music are excellent too – and of course you will hear, among others, the main theme of The Star Wars by George Lucas.

Basically, the developers of Angry Birds: Star Wars – Rovio – took all the best features from the previous parts of the game, added some creative ideas, and the result that they came up with is truly amazing and can be recommended to all devoted gamers. Both fans of the Star Wars saga and Angry Birds will be delighted to try this exciting game!

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The game is available for all devices, such as iPhone, iPod, iPad, Android, and even PC. Some experts claim that it is even easier and more convenient to play Angry Birds: Star Wars on PC than it is on portable devices (phones and tablets).

In order to download Angry Birds: Star Wars for PC, please follow the steps below:

- Download free Android Emulator for using Android apps on PC. Our experts recommend BlueStacks – a free application enabling you to run a lot of exciting Android apps on your computer and available for download from the official website (in this case, a stable internet connection is required for the installation process to complete).  Alternatively,  if you do not have access to the Internet while installing BlueStacks, you may get the setup file by following this link.
- Download Angry Birds: Star Wars for PC: open free Android Emulator, search for the game’s name, and select the type of the game you want to download among the found links)
- Install Angry Birds: Star Wars for PC on your computer and have fun!