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Download Beat the Boss 2 for PC. Play Your Favourite Game For Free!

There is hardly a job in the entire world where you would actually like your boss. But if your boss crosses every border, and is a tyrrant and a real bastard – here comes the revenge! Select your weapon – and do to your boss everything you want in Beat the Boss 2!  A lot of weapons, including really strange ones, are present in the game, and the gameplay is therefore exceptionally interesting.


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Beat the Boss 2 has a selection of weapons that you can purchase in the game store for coins. Also the game boasts a lot of locations, and when it comes to weapons – oh, even a detective stories writer would applaude in awe. There are axes, knives, machine guns, granates, and even magic spells. You can also, for instance, feed your boss to death in McDonald’s, put him into the oven, kill him with swings on the playground, make him choke on a banana, or do other funny things. There are more than 80 weapons that you can use! Beat the Boss 2 has a lot of amazing town maps that you can explore, which makes Beat the Boss 2 even more versatile and challenging.

In order to make the boss look more like your own, you can change his clothes and appearance, and even upload a photograph! Beat the Boss 2 has excellent sound, simulation effects, and the tasks are quite challenging and fun. For performing these tasks you will get bonuses, points, coins, emeralds, and, of course, experience!

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In order to download Beat the Boss 2 for PC and play it for free on your computer, you can do the following:

- Download free Android Emulator for using Android apps on PC. Our experts recommend BlueStacks – a free application enabling you to run a lot of exciting Android apps on your computer and available for download from the official website (in this case, a stable internet connection is required for the installation process to complete).  Alternatively,  if you do not have access to the Internet while installing BlueStacks, you may get the setup file by following this link.
- DownloadBeat the Boss 2 for PC: open free Android Emulator, search for the game’s name, and select the type of the game you want to download among the found links)
- Install Beat the Boss 2 for PC on your computer and have fun kicking and beating your evil boss!