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Download Angry Birds: Seasons for PC

The Angry Birds are back – with the seasonal treats to any of the game’s fans! Angry Birds: Seasons is a series of games devoted to various holidays. After the stunning success of the first episode ‘Trick or Treat’ (the name of the game was Angry Birds: Halloween back then), Roxio released the second episode ‘Season’s Greedings’, and it became quite clear that the army of angry birds’ fans is fascinated by the new idea for the game. So, the name of the game was changed into Angry Birds: Seasons, and that is how we know and love it! New episodes were previously released once every one or two months, and currently the time between the series is about half a year.


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Among the episodes there are those devoted to Halloween (Trick or Treat, Ham’o'ween, Haunted Hogs), X-mas (Season’s Greedings, Wreck the Halls, Winter Wonderham), St. Valentine’s Day (Hogs and Kisses), Easter (Easter Eggs), St. Patrick’s Day (Go Green, Get Lucky), and many others, including the latest world’s football championship in Brazil (South Hamerica).

The names of the episodes are very funny, humorous, and are in many cases based on puns. The setting and themes of each and every episode are full of humour and nice graphics too: you will see the evil pigs in pumpkin constumes or dressed as zombies, wearing Santa’s or Irish green hats, etc.

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As far as the gameplay is concerned, not much has changed: you will have to shoot coloured birds with different abilities into the vicious green pigs and destroy their fortifications. The more objects and pigs you hit, the more bonuses you will get! Yet, the game is incredibly funny, and one can tell that the developers really put their heart and soul into Angry Birds: Seasons, from the scenario and variations of levels to graphics and music. In some of the episodes it is now possible to use PowerUps – Super Seeds, Sling Scope, Homing Bird and Allaka-Bam.

The game Angry Birds: Seasons is available for all devices, such as iPhone, iPod, iPad, Android, and even PC. Some experts claim that it is even easier and more convenient to play Angry Birds: Star Wars on PC than it is on portable devices (phones and tablets).

In order to download Angry Birds: Seasons for PC, please follow the steps below:

- Download free Android Emulator for using Android apps on PC. Our experts recommend BlueStacks – a free application enabling you to run a lot of exciting Android apps on your computer and available for download from the official website (in this case, a stable internet connection is required for the installation process to complete).  Alternatively,  if you do not have access to the Internet while installing BlueStacks, you may get the setup file by following this link.
- Download Angry Birds: Seasons for PC: open free Android Emulator, search for the game’s name, and select the type of the game you want to download among the found links)
- Install Angry Birds: Seasons for PC on your computer and have fun!