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Galaxy Legend: Playing on PC for free

Galaxy Legend is an excellent cosmic game released by tap4fun, and already included into top-10 most played strategy games for Android devices. The endless space has always drawn attention of humans, with its mysterious civilizations and vast distances the scope of which are even hard to imagine… Space travels have been romanticized in sci-fi, movies, and of course games. Galaxy Legend is a MMO for Android, and the game has a social basis – you become the owner of a real cosmic colony that you must make prosperous and developed. This is a typical strategy game, but it boasts really cool graphics, and here you can really enjoy the cosmic civilization that you will create.


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Initially developed for Android devices, Galaxy Legend is now also available on your PC. In order to download Galaxy Legend for PC, please make sure that the latest version of graphic drivers is installed, and follow the steps below:

  • Install BlueStacks Android Emulator following the detailed instructions here.
  • Using the search window in BlueStacks App Player, search for Galaxy Legend and click on the icon of this game.
  • Galaxy Legend will be downloaded to your computer, and will appear in BlueStacks App Player
  • Now you may enjoy playing Galaxy Legend for PC, and it is free!

Now, let us look at some of the features of the game:

Galaxy Legend is set in the 29th century, when the space is already colonized and there is war for resources and lands. Your mission is to be responsible for one of the many galactic cities and defend it from cosmic pirates or greedy neighbours.

The game boasts amazing graphics – nice pictures, special effects and animation. All the details are very precise and clear.The sound in the game is also really excellent quality.

Galaxy Legend

has a very user-friendly interface, and it is intuitively easy to guess how to play it.

What will you do during the game? Well – anything that a new city might need: solve infrastructure issues, get resources for building new houses, research technologies, etc. There are no restrictions in the game – you may build and develop your city endlessly, as long as you have enough economic resources (the main ones in the game are gas, metal and crystals).

Also, do not forget about the vicious cosmic visitors who want to enter your territory with their ships! You have to take care about your cosmic warriors who can defend the city and destroy the enemy. Initially the battles will be quite easy to win, but as you proceed with playing the game the enemies become more evil and strong, therefore it makes sense to take care about equipping your army and training them.The army in Galaxy Legend is comprised of space ships, and they can be equipped in a different way so that your city has various defense troops. Using the right strategy, you will always be able to win!


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Because Galaxy Legend is a MMO, you will be not the only player in the universe: a lot of people around the world will aim to become masters of Galaxy at the same time, so be prepared to compete, cooperate, negotiate, and of course enjoy this wonderful strategy game!

Galaxy Legend for PC is a unique game that ensures a lot of great impressions and unforgettable experiences. Good luck with the game, and see you in the space of Galaxy!