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Swamp Attack for PC: Free Download

Swamp Attack is a really cool game of the popular defence genre. In the game, you are a peaceful owner of a nice cozy house at the lake. Your daily routine is fishing, listening to music, and enjoying the wonderful landscapes of the surrounding nature. But one day, things suddenly change, and your cozy little house is attacked with the scary crocodiles, vicious insects and other unpleasant ‘visitors’. Now you cannot enjoy the sunset anymore, and the crickets suddenly start to sound quite threatening. What can you do? Take out your rifle gun and kick the bastards’ asses so that they do not invade your territory anymore! So, the main purpose of the game is not to let the monsters come close to your house.


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In Swamp Attack, you will be the happy owner of an impressive array of various guns: from Molotov cocktails and freezers to electric shocker and M16 machine gun. Initially, however, you will only have to fight the monster army with a pump/shot-gun, so you will have to be careful with using the shots – the gun recharges pretty slowly. But as you proceed with the game, you will get access to new equipment, both arms and other means of defense. Every piece of equipment can be enhanced and improved, but surely your opponents also improve their skills as you go to the next levels (alligators get mesh strainers worn as helmets, mosquito mutate into real monsters, etc.) You will definitely have fun!

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Some of the advantages of Swamp Attack:
1.Has a catching plot and dynamic gameplay with exciting levels.
2.The graphics and animation are really good.
3.A good choice of guns and other means of defense that you can also improve and update.
4.The game is free to play!

Initially developed for Android devices, Swamp Attack is now also available on your PC. In order to download Swamp Attack for PC, please make sure that the latest version of graphic drivers is installed, and follow the steps below:

  • Install BlueStacks Android Emulator following the detailed instructions here.
  • Using the search window in BlueStacks App Player, search for Swamp Attack and click on the icon of this game.
  • Swamp Attack will be downloaded to your computer, and will appear in BlueStacks App Player
  • Now you may enjoy playing Swamp Attack for PC, and it is free!