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Yahoo Messenger Free Download for PC, Android, iOS, MAC

Internet gives unlimited opportunities to keep contact with your family and friends: send texts, voice messages, photos, videos and other files, as well as talk to each other in real time mode. You can even make conferences with several users at the same time – this feature is invaluable for business. All those and more are available with the functional and user-friendly Yahoo Messenger.


Yahoo messenger

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Yahoo Messenger is free software that allows you to contact any other person who is also currently online. It is possible to sent instant messages, as well as make calls and even videocalls. If the person you want to contact is currently offline, it is still possible to send to him or her a text message that he/she will receive immediately after signing in to Yahoo Messenger. Thousands of people all over the world choose Yahoo Messenger for communication, and enjoy this excellent service for free. Do you want to give it a try?

You can use Yahoo Messenger by downloading and installing it on your PC or phone, and besides it also offers a convenient web format: with no need to download and install anything, you can enjoy the functions of the free messenger right from your browser.

Besides, Yahoo Messenger is able to keep you updated about any incoming mail (if it arrives to your Yahoo! Mailbox). The messenger has a convenient Stand by mode, so it will not be open until a connection with the Internet has been established. Besides, since Yahoo Messenger is developed and maintained by the Yahoo! search engine, it is possible to get access to news and financial information right from the messenger window.

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The messenger is very easy to use: after a quick installation process, you will be offered to import your contacts from your Outlook or Yahoo! Mail account. You can also add users to your contacts list – for this you only need to know their email address. The graphic side of Yahoo! Messenger is really charming, with the array of cute animated smileys and customizable avatars. Apart from ‘standard’ smileys, there are also unusual icons that say various phrases – these sometimes look strange, but certainly attract attention, and can add some emotions to your chat. There is also a ‘zoommer’ button that you can press if the contact you are chatting with seems distracted: he or she will hear a sound resembling doorbell ring, and the chat window will shake. The quality of sound in Yahoo! Messenger is no worse than in Skype or Viber: there are rarely any problems with sound, or delays in hearing the other party.


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If you have a webcamera and headset, you can communicate with voice and videocalls. Besides, as it has already been mentioned, it is possible to chat with several people at the same time, creating conference chats, calls and videocalls. During the chat, you may send files, share photos, send greeting e-cards, watch movie trailers, and even play online games! The functional part of Yahoo! Messenger has been constantly updated, so it becomes better and more comprehensive with every version.

If you have any questions, or have experienced problems with Yahoo Messenger free download, please let us know in the comments section, and we will do our best to help you sort out your problem. Enjoy chatting with your friends for free!.