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UC Browser Free Download for PC, Android, iOS

Developed by the Chinese company UC Mobile Limited, UC Browser is perfect for mobile phones and tablets. Some of users remember it from the old times, when it was used on phones working with Java and Symbian. Times are changing, competitiveness of the software market grows, but is the UC Browser up-to-date with the current requirements of the users? Can it provide top-quality service for more profound digital devices? Read on, and you will find out for yourself!

UC Browser has become on of the most popular mobile browsers, but is it possible to install and use it on your PC? Yes, and here is how you can do it!


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In order to download UC Browser for PC, please make sure that the latest version of graphic drivers is installed, and follow the steps below:

  • Install BlueStacks Android Emulator following the detailed instructions here.
  • Using the search window in BlueStacks App Player, search for UC Browser, and click on the icon of this browser.
  • UC Browser will be downloaded to your computer, and will appear in BlueStacks App Player
  • Now you may enjoy using this wonderful browser on your PC for free!

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UC Browser is one of the most popular browsers for mobile smartphones, it has more than 500 millions of users, and has been translated into several languages. It is still mostly popular in China and India, however the users from other countries have started to realise how good UC Browser is, and now increasingly download, install and use it as well. This impressive tempo of growth makes UC Browser stand out in the market, and it is almost for sure that very soon it will become one of the top popular browsers not only in China and India, but throughout the globe! So, if you did not try UC Browser yet, make sure that you will download it and try it, now also on your PC!

UC Browser has a lot of themes, two main screens, night mode, it automatically adjusts text to the screen’s width, supports flash, has a built-in download manager, and can block ads. The main screen of UC Browser is a catalogue of the most useful Internet resources: news, download centre, social networks, etc. The structure of catalogue is very convenient to use, the only drawback is that it is not possible to make changes to it so that to customise it for your own use. Yet, there is a category with the most frequently visited websites – better than nothing!

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The other main screen is displayed either when you open a new window, or press the ‘Home’ button. Here you can change the list of websites any way you want: add your website, delete the ones that are already on the list, change their order, put into folders, etc. There is also a built-in RSS reader that contains a catalogue of channels of topics.

UC Browser is able to automatically adjust the browser’s text to the screen’s width, so disregarding of how big your font size is, and how much you zoomed in, the text will always fit into the screen. Besides, there are two viewing modes – screen and zoom one. Because a lot of websites do not have a mobile version, and full version are not always adapted to the mobile screens, the screen mode automatically formats the website so that it fits to your smartphone screen completely. In order to read at night, there is special night mode in UC Browser, with black background and white font.

UC Browser has a lot of other amazing functions that you will be able to explore and enjoy once you download and install it! UC Browser is an excellent choice for comfortable web-surfing, and we highly recommend it! Should you have problems installing UC Browser, or getting rid of unwanted software installed to your device from non-official websites, please do not hesitate to let us know in the comments, and we will get back to you ASAP.