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Opera Browser Free Download for PC, Mac, Android, iOS and Linux

Opera Browser is very popular free web browser, which is available for a lot of devices. It’s quick, easy to use, very secure and realiable. While the Opera Browser itself is brilliant, there are so many different versions and names that you might get confused as to what exactly do you want to download. Here we provide you with overview of all Opera versions and names currently available, as well as official Opera download links.

There are 2 major variants of Opera Browser – fully featured Opera Browser and Opera Mini. The difference is that Opera Mini doesn’t connect to websites you browse directly, it connects through proxy which renders and compresses the content you browse. If you’re interested in Opera Mini, check out our Opera Mini page with more detailed description and official download links.

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As for fully featured Opera Browser, it connects directly to the website and renders everything on your device. This can slow down your experience if your device is weak, but you will get all the websites correct. All the other Opera Browser names are just different depending on your device:

  • Opera Browser for Windows, MacOS and new Android devices (4.x+). This is the main software you should use if you can.
  • Mobile Classic for old Android devices (1.x-3.x). It’s no longer updated and is intended to support old devices. Development stopped in late 2013.
  • Opera Coast for iPhone and iPad (Opera Browser is actually not available for iPhone and iPad, so Opera Coast is a dedicated iOS version).

There are also a few more Opera products, which are more intended for developers, but you might find them interesting as well:

  • Opera Next is a preview of what you’ll see in the next major Opera Browser version, so you’l be the first to see all the new features, interface changes etc. It is available for desktop computers only.
  • Opera Max is a proxy for your android device, which significantly compresses video, audio and images you download from internet, saving your money if you pay per MB of data downloaded. Moreover, it can block internet usage for chosen applications, which can serve like a lite firewall. When you use internet, many applications can download data unknown to you. Opera Max allows you to control which applications use internet and block those you don’t want to use it.
  • Opera Mail is fast and easy to use free mail client for your PC.


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We strongly recommend downloading the latest version of Opera Browser as the developer keeps making it faster and more secure with each version. Also, older versions may be vulnerable to security issues.

Why should you use Opera Web Browser?

Smart and practical interface. Clean and easy panels layout, which shows only key features at any time, but you can also easily access all the features you might need. Tabs may look and feel a bit robust at a first glance but they are actually quite practical. You may work with pinned tabs and quickly access your favorite websites using Speed Dials (a feature taken from Opera Browser by many of the other top browsers), which enable you to add an unlimited number of pages that are revealed as thumbnails when a new tab is opened. The Stash page keeps track of your favorite websites which are organized into a simple list and can be accessed with just one click. You may zoom in or out of the Stash items and perform search operations by keywords. There are also a lot of custom themes available which can change the way your browser looks. Extra functionality can be added to your web browser by installing extensions so you can translate webpages, block advertisements, save your passwords, and more.

Discover news and entertainment. The Discover feature offers a simple and efficient way for helping bloggers, journalists or news addicts stay up-to-date with the latest news updates based on user preference, namely country and language or subjects of interest (e.g. arts, business, food, health, sports, technology).

Search mode. Opera adopts a combined search and address bar for helping you look for info on the Internet, displays predictive search suggestions, and lets you organize multiple pages with tabs, activate the full screen mode, make text more readable by zooming in or out, bookmark pages, and retrieve the tabs closed earlier in the current session.

Opera Turbo feature is specifically designed for slower Internet connections, as it saves bandwidth and compresses data while you browse.

Mouse Gestures. A fast navigation mode can be acquired using mouse gestures (e.g. holding the right mouse button, moving the mouse a certain direction) for performing common browsing actions (e.g. close current tab, reload the page), rocker gestures in order to jump backwards and forwards through pages by rocking your fingers between the right and left mouse button, as well as keyboard shortcuts.

Private browsing. You can activate an anonymous mode for searching on the Internet without leaving any traces behind. When you close the private window, Opera automatically deletes browsing history, items stored in cache and cookies.

Sync. The Sync mode lets you save your bookmarks, Speed Dial, custom search engines, history and other configuration settings so you can access them across multiple devices.

This means that when you request a page in Opera Mini, the request is sent to the Opera Mini server that then downloads the page from the web. The server then renders the page, strips unnecessary things, compresses it and send it to your device. This dramatically reduces the size of the content you download, and greatly increases download speed, which is especially useful if you’re on a slow connection, or if you pay per MB downloaded. However, Opera Mini limits website interaction, so not all websites might work correctly with this (but most work fine).