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Opera Mini Free Download for PC, Android and iOS

Opera Mini Browser is a very popular quick free web browser available for mobile devices. You can also set it up for your Windows or Mac desktop computer by using Android emulators such as BlueStacks. Below we’ll provide a guide on how to run Opera Mini for your PC instead of mobile.

If you’re more interested in fully featured Opera Browser, then we recommend you to read our Opera Browser article with details and official download links.

Opera Mini main feature is that when you browse internet, Opera Mini browser doesn’t connect to websites you browse directly. It connects through a proxy which renders and compresses the content you want to see. This means that when you request a page in Opera Mini, the request is sent to the Opera Mini server that then downloads the page from the web. The server then renders the page, strips unnecessary things, compresses it and send it to your device.


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Usage of Opera servers to compress data dramatically reduces the size of the content you download, and greatly increases download speed, which is especially useful if you’re on a slow connection, or if you pay per MB downloaded. Another advantage is that the browser itself it very small and fast regardless of the device you use, even if you use very old phone, because it doesn’t render the pages itself, it only shows pre-rendered content. All the cpu-intensive work is done at the Opera servers.

However, Opera Mini limits website interaction by its nature, so not all websites might work correctly with this (but most work fine). If you’re not worried about your connection speed, price and your device is powerful, then we recommend using Opera Browser instead, check out our Opera Browser page with more detailed description and official download links.

Opera Mini security considerations.

Since Opera Mini uses proxy to access internet, that means that all your browsing is going through a third-party server, exposing you to additional security risk. Information sent between your handset and the website is encrypted in all recent versions of Opera Mini, so it’s essential to make sure you have the latest version, which comes from the official website.


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However, even when the data is encrypted, the Opera servers are potential security vulnerability to you. Moreover, when you browse secure websites (such as PayPal or any banking websites), Opera Mini breaks the end-to-end security. This means that Opera server decrypts the information received from secure website (such as PayPal), renders it, re-encrypts and sends to you, leaving traces of your browsing on Opera servers.

If, for whatever reasons and methods, the data is stolen from the Opera servers, everything that got transfered from you and to you will be exposed. This includes your passwords, credit card numbers etc.

So, while Opera Mini is very convenient and quick to use, you must also be aware that anything you surf with it is exposed to third party. We highly recommend NOT TO USE Opera Mini for any security sensitive operations, especially banking-related.

Using Opera Mini for daily browsing, such as news, information, social communication etc. is perfectly okay!