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Safari Browser: Free Download for Windows, iOS and Android

Safari is a browser known to any iUser, and it is based on the popular WebKit engine. After it was introduced in 2003 and proved efficient for Apple devices, it was decided that Safari can also be used for Windows, and in 2007 version 3.0 was released specifically for Vista and XP. Since that time, a lot of bugs have been fixed, and Safari is nowadays pretty popular with Windows users.

A lot of websites that offer to download Safari Browser for free are, naturally, trying to make profit of the free downloads, bundling freeware with all sorts of add-ons, toolbars, annoying programs, etc. In this post we will not only give clean download links to Safari Browser, but will also dwell upon the question how to remove the unwanted software, if you have already become a victim of one of the back-alley downloads.


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Some of benefits of Safari:

  • Safari has a nice looking design – in this aspect, it is a ‘typical Apple product’, as they are normally good looking and impressive.
  • Convenient interface that is easy to use even for a novice. Everything is arranged clearly, neatly, and all settings can be understood intuitively.
  • Compact view by default (Safari window only takes 3/4 of the screen space and resizes webpages correspondingly).
  • Safari supports several tabs and has built-in search engines (Google for Mac, Google or Yahoo for Windows).
  • There is a possibility to block pop-ups.
  • It is possible to customize your browser.
  • Running Safari does not take up a lot of memory.
  • There is a possibility to block cookies, not to store journal or data such as user names and passwords.
  • Safari recognizes and decodes web pages that use non-standard fonts.
  • Spell-check is available in the text fields of Safari.
  • Safari boasts a lot of innovations and a lot of cool functions and tools: e.g., saving your favourite pages so that to be able to watch them offline (this is done in one click only), synchronizing with iCloud (for the users of Apple devices), a built-in RSS engine, Snapback, Cover Flow, Web Inspector, and many more.

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Some of Safari’s drawbacks:

  • Sometimes, if you use Safari for Windows OS, is a bit slow at the start, and unpredictable while opening the pages that have been optimized for IE and Mozilla Firefox.
  • It is not possible to copy a whole webpage.
  • It is difficult to uninstall Safari from your computer, and after you have dome so, you will need to delete some files manually.
  • Importing favourites from other browsers is not possible.
  • The size of the browser is quite impressive – 100Mb or so.
  • There are very few add-ons and plugins to Safari, and they have not as many functions as the plugins used by other browsers, such as Mozilla Firefox, for example.
  • With certain versions of Windows, namely Windows 7, Safari does not work that well, but this is something one should find out by yourself, because this opinion is quite subjective.

According to statistics, Safari is the fourth most popular browser in the world. Now Apple does not provide Windows users with the official version of this product, and on their official website there is a link to the older version of Safari for Windows OS, but the newer versions are not available. Even if you do not have an Apple or Android device, and despite the fact that Apple stopped updating Safari for Windows and apparently is not very willing to provide the Windows users with this amazing software, you still have an option to install the older version of Safari for your Windows PC.

But can it be recommended to use Safari as your main browser?

  • Surely, this is a question that everyone should answer by themselves. All in all, Safari is a very good browser, and if you own iPhone, iPad or Mac computer, you should probably search no more, and simply enjoy all the benefits of this application. However, if your OS is Windows, you may still enjoy using Safari – one of the best browsers – and it will make you happy with its performance, but make sure your computer is powerful and fast enough