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Winamp Free Download

For many generations of users, Winamp has been and remains the best media player. Some notice its good sound quality, some like its simple design, some pay attention to more profound features… But the fact remains – Winamp was first released in 1992, and yet it still continues to win the hearts of admirers.

Winamp is available for either free or paid download, depending on what features you need. The free download offers quite a lot of cool features that we will describe below. Please be advised that the official website of Winamp has been under development for a while now, and downloading from it is unavailable, however we will provide you with certain links where you can still get your favourite player.


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Winamp is universal – it can play a big number of audio formats. It can looks different as there are various skins and colours available for customising your player. There is also a possibility to install additionally DFX Audio Enhancer for Winamp that makes the sound deeper.

Winamp media player can play multiple radio channels all over the world.Winamp is free of charge, and it requires very little resources, so your system is not going to be slowed down or overloaded.

Winamp is a very decent player that can play music no worse than some of the modern multimedia players, such as VLC. Unlike VLC, Winamp is not really good for video files, but when it comes to music it is very easy and nice to use.

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Some of the advantages of Winamp media player:

  • Easy to use
  • Functional
  • Easy to adjust and change settings
  • All necessary equalizer effects are here

Winamp’s drawbacks:

  • Not good for playing the majority of video files
  • One of the major disadvantages of Winamp is that its development has been stopped, and the official website is not available since December 2013. However, the player’s admirers will definitely continue downloading their favourite Winamp for free and listen to music using this program!