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CCleaner Free Download

Did you ever notice this: you get a new computer, and its performance is perfect, but after a few months of using it and downloading files from the Internet the performance drops drastically? Even to open a folder might take several minutes, to say nothing about slow playing of video, etc.

Your computer needs to systematically be cleaned from various ‘garbage’ in order to ensure its speed and high performance. It is necessary to also clean the registrar. Cleaning all these manually is not really an option as it takes time and effort, and besides not everyone even knows how to do it properly. What can you do? – Download CCleaner!

CCleaner logo

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CCleaner is a program that will help your computer restore its excellent speed by cleaning outdated and unused files from your hard drive and therefore making a lot of free space.

CCleaner advantages:

    • Easy to use, with its simple and sleek interface. There is nothing non-useful in this program!
    • Top quality and fast
    • Takes almost no space on your hard drive
    • No ads and annoying pop-ups
    • You may rest assured that CCleaner will not delete anything that you need
    • It is easy to adjust settings
    • CCleaner has a portable version that you can carry on you on a flash drive (however, we recommend to use the full version as it solves so many more problems!)

The free version of CCleaner has all functions of the commercial version!

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Download CCleaner – a perfect freeware for cleaning registrar, fixing the OS mistakes, correcting the autostart when starting Windows, deleting temporary files, etc. – in other words, does everything to enhance your computer’s work and productivity. It cleans temporary Windows files and cache of your browser – the places that are particularly vulnerable to viruses. The interface of the program is simple and elegant. You may always make a reserve copy of the changes that CCleaner makes, but it is almost for sure that you will not need to use this function, as the program only deletes what is really not needed on your PC.

If you use CCleaner regularly, you will forget about any problems with your computer. If you are sick and tired from your ‘dirty’ and slow PC, this program is for you!