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Picasa: Free Download for Windows and Mac

Picasa is often unofficially called ‘Photoshop for dummies’. But even people whose skills in graphic editors far exceed those of dummies, like using Picasa because it is a nice, neat and easy way to process your photos for private use. With its editing possibilities, such as various effects, colour schemes, contrast, levels etc., it can be a good alternative to a much more complicated Photoshop. And, of course, everyone likes collages that are made by Picasa – all you need to create them is to throw a folder of photos into the progam’s library, select the layout, change the frame, set the background, and you are done!

Picasa is a FREE proram from Google that can easily be installed into your computer. The installation process will take maximum ten minutes, so you will very soon get to play with your images. And believe me, this is a very captivating occupation!


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Picasa has a very clear and intuitively understandable interface – you will not have to search for ages, or watch tons of YouTube tutorials in order to process your photos. There is a panel with basic tools that are, nevertheless, quite enough to make your photos look really great. You can crop, darken/lighten, adjust, apply various filters, etc. There are some of the nicest effects available in Picasa: from sepia and glow to HDR and black and white, and of course many others.

Picasa also sorts out all your photos and pictures that are stored at the computer: it is always easy to find what you need by throwing the name of the folder into the search window. There is also Picasa service where people can exchange photos, discuss them, communicate with each other, etc.


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Picasa application is considered one of the best graphic editors, so it is highly recommended to all people who want their photos to look excellent!